Recently Updated Album: At the Lakehouse

Recently, I added the album At the Lakehouse to my gallery of images. These images were taken just outside of Starke, Florida, at a lake house that is co-owned by the grandfather of my daughter’s best friend and members of his graduating class. The small group has known each other since they went to high school together in the 50s and 60s, and they regularly use the lake house for reunions, get-togethers, and get-a-ways. The house itself is an old wooden Florida camp-style home that is rich in history with old wooden furniture, antiques on display in cases, and old black and white photographs of previous owners on the walls. My daughter has been there countless times, and she loves jumping off the dock, swimming in the lake with her friends, and riding on the jet ski on hot summer days.

The last time I was there, I shot a few rolls of film in some of my plastic cameras. I shot primarily down by the water, because the house itself sits on the hill, heavily shaded by huge oak trees and Spanish moss. I was shooting early in the day and there was not enough light to capture the house with a camera with a plastic lens. Even using faster film, the shadow areas in the images taken right after sunrise are underexposed.

 At the Lakehouse #26 was shot with Fuji Astia 100F Film and Cross-processed.

At the Lakehouse #26 was shot with Fuji Astia 100F Film and Cross-processed.

Later that evening, I shot a roll of Fuji Astia and cross-processed it with mixed results. I liked the way the sky rendered, but the combination of the slower chrome film, the low level of light, and plastic lens produced underexposure in the shadow areas. I also discovered that Astia is one of my least favorite films to cross-process. The film itself was bright green after processing, which printed magenta images that needed heavy color correcting. I would definitely cross-process again because I love the texture of the clouds and the wooden dock, but next time I would use faster slide film, use a different type of film for better color and less post-production, and hope for more light. I also have some ideas for shooting inside the house with all of its history, but first I have to drag my subjects away from the water.

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